Our mission

HedgeUp is the world’s first NFT Alternative Investment Trading Platform, that enables users to fractionally invest in a variety of renowned Alternative assets worldwide such as Gold, Whiskey, Wine, Watches, Diamonds, Art and more.

Our aim is to empower your portfolio effectively, whilst challenging the status quo and bridging the gap between crypto investors and Alternative asset classes. Start with as little as $1.

All NFT’s that are minted are backed by the physical asset and fully insured and held in one of our security deposit vaults.


How it works?

Utilizing our state of the art Web3 trading platform, customers can 'Buy' and 'Sell' fractional asset-backed alternative investment NFT products. All products on the platform will be insured and stored in a highly secured vault.

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Our Features

Our ecosystem will take you on a financial journey (end-to-end), whilst setting you up for future success!

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    NFT Trading platform

    Easy to navigate NFT trading platform

    Our easy to navigate NFT trading platform enables users to purchase asset backed fractionalised NFTs. Users can either purchase the entire NFT or purchase a fraction of it to diversify their portfolio. HedgeUp users will be able to receive their NFT’s via the HedgeUp wallet or a third-party ERC-20 compatible wallet.

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    Online Master class

    Learn whilst you earn via our HedgeUp Online platform

    HedgeUP is providing formal asset information to the $HDUP community through our online master class. Join our 1,000+ investor community (Beginners/professionals). Our experts and special guests discuss the following: Exit strategies, industry disruptors, mindset, how $100 can change your life and more. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” - Benjamin Franklin

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    Wallet & Banking

    All your investment needs in one application

    All your investment needs in one App. Using HedgeUP to secure your favorite blockchain assets with privacy and security whilst purchasing crypto directly using debit or credit card. HedgeUP is working alongside a digital bank to increase the utility of $HDUP tokens and provide interoperability to allow users to buy, sell and trade products and services using $HDUP Token. This allows all income generated in crypto to be sent to your platinum card to spend at your disposal. Welcome to the future

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    Investment Basket

    Invest in multiple asset classes today with a click of a button

    Invest into alternative investment products such as gold, wine, fine art, diamonds, luxury watches and lifestyle products including yachts and private jets. These assets will be fractionalized and available for $HDUP users to access diverse markets and Hedge their portfolio for a minimum of $1.

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    HedgeUP DAO

    HedgeUp will be integrating a DAO to oversee investment

    HedgeUP will be integrating a DAO to oversee investment baskets, liquidity allocations and the direction of ongoing developments. Guarding our true decentralized community and ensuring fairplay. All community members have the opportunity to join our DAO to voice their opinion on the $HDUP future plans and growing ecosystem. HedgeUP DAO members receive additional benefits and can access voting rights to control the project influence.

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    HedgeUp looks to partner with industry leading Metaverse company

    HedgeUp looks to partner with industry leading metaverse companies to support users with communication and trade. Creating a platform for investors and institutions to communicate through SocialFi, formally using HedgeVerse to improve business logistics. HedgeVerse Platform directly benefits entrepreneurs operating within global markets and consultants scheduling long distance meetings to demonstrate complex technologies.

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Token Details

  • Token Ticker$HDUP
  • Presale Tokens163,728,125
  • Total Supply620,000,000
  • Min Launch Price0.09 USD

Token Distribution

620,000,000 HDUP tokens in total supply. Review how the token supply has been distributed below.

Founders & Team tokens are locked for 18-months and moderately released to the shared wallet once a month for a 18-month period after agreed lock-in period.

Advisory and partners & ‘Reserved’ tokens will also be locked for a 18-month period.

Token Taxes

$HDUP Taxes once launched on Uniswap

  • Buy Tax0%
  • Sell Tax5%
  • Token redistribution1%
  • Marketing2%
  • LP admission fee2%

Multi Chain

$HDUP is built on Ethereum. In the near future we will migrate to faster and cheaper blockchains to further HedgeUp’s development.

  • 1
    eth chain

    HDUP will initially be built on Ethereums blockchain

  • eth chain
  • 2
    bsc chain

    We will migrate over to Binance to lower transaction fees

  • bsc chain
  • 3
    stellar chain

    Stellar will be used to support digital currencies in our ecosystem

Road Map

Our roadmap consist of our plans to create a financial ecosystem for the world to adopt and enjoy.


  • blue_cube chainLaunch on Uniswap
  • blue_scheme chainWebsite V2
  • blue_scheme chainLaunch staking program
  • blue_doc chainCoingecko Listing
  • blue_doc chainCoin Market Cap Listing
  • blue_cubes chainNFT Marketplace development
  • blue_doc chainLaunch Online master class: Learn 2 Earn
  • blue_doc chainStage 2 marketing strategy deployed

Blockchain Migration

  • pink_scheme chainMigrate to Binance blockchain
  • blue_scheme chainCEX listings (Tier 1 & 2)
  • blue_doc chainHedgeUp Wallet Launch
  • blue_doc chainStage 4 marketing strategy deployed


  • orange_cubes chainToken website Launch
  • orange_cube chainSocial media & community launch
  • orange_cubes chainHDUP smart contract audit
  • orange_doc chainRelease Whitepaper
  • orange_doc chainStage 2 marketing strategy deployed

Partnership with Crypto Banking App

  • blue_scheme chainInitiate partnership with Crypto Banking App
  • blue_scheme chainApplication to Centralised Exchanges (Tier 1 & 2)
  • blue_cubes chainOnboarding of businesses for NFT marketplace
  • blue_scheme chainNFT Marketplace Launch (Alpha)
  • blue_scheme chainHedgeUp Wallet development
  • blue_doc chainStage 3 marketing strategy deployed

Deploy HedgeVerse

  • blue_cube chainIntegrate with Web3 metaverse company
  • blue_cube chainStage 5 marketing strategy deployed

Supported By

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The most frequently asked questions

  • How can I invest into the presale?

    Simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button now and choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies to make payment.
  • What is the maximum and minimum investment amount?

    We believe in creating opportunity for ALL. There is No minimum, however the maximum is $500,000.
  • When will I receive my tokens?

    Tokens will be sent to $HDUP Holders prior to launching.
  • What Blockchain is HedgeUp built on?

    We are built on Ethereum, with intentions to migrate to Binance and Stellar for lower fees and faster blockchain transactions.
  • What Exchange platform will $HDUP be listed on?

  • What is the total supply of tokens?

  • What date will $HDUP launch?

    We aim to launch 24th June 2023 or once all 8 stages are completed.
  • Are the Tokens vested?

    Yes, 25% of tokens will be received on launch and 25% every month their after.
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